"Domine refugium" is our first release, the fruit of two years of hard work by all involved. You can learn more here about the song and even download the materials to use yourself!


ÆTERNUM began as a nagging dream of Fr. Brian's while in formation to be a religious priest in Saint Louis, MO. Ideas would come to his mind overlaying sounds of his past love of loud, beautiful rock music with his later love of the sacred music traditions of medieval Christianity. But what to do about it?

During his assignment in the Twin Cities, with the encouragement of others he finally took the needed steps to secure funding, purchase equipment, and gradually develop a first song with the help of talented Twin Cities young adults (see "The Crew").

Our first release is a setting of Psalm 90, with the Latin title "Domine refugium". Check it out the video on the home page.

Fr. Brian will be Substacking about the project in the years to come. Subscribe if you want to keep learning more about this project and to follow its progress! If you'd like to invite him to come talk about the project, please reach out.

The Music

"Domine refugium": The first two (lyrical) lines of the Latin Vulgate translation of Psalm 90.

ÆTERNUM's rendition attempts to follow the "emotional flow" of the text, weaving Sopranos and Altos together with an extensive instrumental backing. Few people understand Latin, so you can find translations of the text here to follow while listening to grasp how the song progresses.

How would you like to make your own version? You can download sheet music for the most complicated parts below (guitar riff notations embedded), as well as the "stems" of the master track audio to create your own tracks.

Everything is offered under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Please keep us informed of what you do so that we can enjoy it also, and do point others to our work!


Vocal Score (PDF)

2023.05.08 - 'Domine refugium', full vocal score.pdf

Violin Score (PDF)

2023.05.21, 'Domine refugium', Violin score.pdf


These ZIP files are quite large, so hope you're not in a rush.

You are downloading the actual audio tracks that were mixed together to create the "Domine refugium" master track. They will work with any DAW out there.

The base count is 130 BPM, no variation.

Have fun!