Now featuring our debut, released on November 1st, 2023...

"Domine refugium" (Psalm 90)

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A high-quality audio track is also available for download and streaming at Bandcamp. You can use this as just one opportunity to support the cause by donating an amount in excess of the price.

"What is this?" (Ex 16:15)

What if Sequentia got together with Pelican to make some righteous noise? Literally!?

Welcome to ÆTERNUM.

Minnesota-grown, it now continues as a nomadic experimental music project organized by Fr. Brian John Zuelke, O.P., a Dominican priest friar of the Province of St. Albert the Great, currently assigned to DC.

In the years to come, they hope to slowly build up a collection of excellent mash-ups between sacred texts and popular music forms.

Continue below for details about the project and how to follow our progress into the future.

Where to next?


.... the what, how, why of ÆTERNUM


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.... with time, talent, treasure to make sure ÆTERNUM keeps going


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